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The Pack

My name? It's Derek Hale. I'm living in Beacon Hill and I'm the alpha of my own wolfspack.
Want a bite?

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M!A: can't speak until 10 people kissed him.[0/10]
My mother tongue is germen. Please forgive me mistakes.
Aug 4 '12


I think I leave for a while. 

Don’t worry about the replys. I will not forget them. 

(And I’m still there with Gerard) 

Aug 4 '12
Aug 4 '12

If Tumblr shuts down someday, I just want say to all my followers:



OOC: ohmygosh i was just thinking about this. I would also like to add:

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Aug 4 '12


Quit shooting me in the face, Dean.

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Aug 4 '12


Teen Wolf AU: a continuation from this

Aug 4 '12

cheer-captain-fabray asked:

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Aug 4 '12

Teen Wolf cast talk ‘Sterek’.

Aug 4 '12
Aug 4 '12

Post Sterek going canon.

XDDD I can&#8217;t
That face&#8230; 


Post Sterek going canon.

XDDD I can’t

That face… 

Aug 4 '12

I Wonder….


Some of my friends told me that STEREK is no in any way can be canon, because he’s underage. Well, they only need to wait for a year (or 1 more season) yeah? if it really happen. Then they told me that The wolf cubs are more likely 15ish….

I vaguely remember Allison B’day ( S01e05), and she said shes 17 and Scott said like “thats ok, U held back for a year because of the moving things” (along that line). Which means at that time scott-stiles =16 y/o. Then the 2nd season, Lydia Bday, I asume 17th because of the bash… If its normal for her to celebrate grandly every year then…. SO the point is 2nd season = +1years (or around). If  Lydia 17 then they all will be 17 too (Allison 18).

I’m kinda confuse because I’m not familiar with US schooling system (in my country we have 6 years Elementary school, 3 years junior high, 3years senior high, then 4 years Univ. I really have no idea whats the difference between univ and college LOL). I just want to know if my timeline (the age stuff) is correct.

Beside, if they really think about ages, they have tons of thing ‘more’ than that. Scott snog Allison on a bed in 1st season (don’t forget the condom), Erica kiss Derek too, then the Gay club scene, the Rave, oh also Lydia’s party (which we have hallucinating - drunk teen/adult, 2 kissing males, party combo). And dating is not always = Sexy time on bed, yes? Well.. it would be a plus for us shippers, but more dosage of STEREK fluff will make my brain explode XD